Innovation and research

In recent years the new media have become part of the daily routine of millions of people in the world who use the Internet and mobile phones, watch digital TV and read online newspapers, that through the network play, collect information and maintain own social relations. This is what stimulates questions about the relationships between technology innovation in the media, communication and society.
Parabolika Consulting addresses the theme of research and innovation with the aim of bringing into contact seemingly distant worlds (services, architecture, museums, cultural sectors, etc.) with innovative proposals (increased reality, Virtual reality, Web Configurers, etc.) To create new competitive advantages.
The use of augmented reality in architecture, engineering and visual communication, for example is no longer a privilege of large international companies, but thanks to Parabolika Consulting can provide a substantial boost to our customers at low cost.

ActivitiesDigital Customer Experience, virtual & augmented reality, interactive design, virtual Exhibit & Museum Design, 3d Printing.