Print Design

Production content for printing, technical report and elaborate graphs with deep Knowledge of the tools and the main techniques of design and graphic representation, techniques of graphics (both traditional and those related to computer graphics and digital modeling), theories of color and techniques of its use.

Desktop Publishing

Pagination technical reports, catalogues, price lists, books and other Desktop publishing (or DTP) works made with layout and graphics applications (Indesign, etc.).

Digital Publishing

Production of catalogues, digital presentations and commercial mobile apps to support companies, publishers, advertising agencies, multimedia designers, associations and universities for the creation and publication of digital content.

3d Graphic

Three-dimensional modeling, photorealistic rendering of exteriors and interiors, 3d layouts and splits, 3d modeling and rendering of great works, 3d photoinsertions in existing photographs for landscape relations, 3d printing.

Motion Graphic

Commercial videos, explanatory technical videos, promo videos with latest generation software such as After effects, Premier, Photoshop, Illustrator, or Cinema 4d, mode, 3d Studio, Maya and Blender.

Digital development

Mobile solutions, Web applications and web design, Internet of things: computer and electronic design of latest generation solutions with high innovation and technology.

Our Media designers are able to combine the art of programming (web, for mobile devices, fixed or installations) with creativity and especially with other resources. These are the figures of the study that deal with the design and production of audiovisual, multimedia publishing and  Communication for telematic networks (Internet/Intranet, Mobile/handheld/Smartphone/Tablet PC), interfaces and interactivity, videogames, graphics for videos, video art, interactive installations, digital arts (2d and 3d).


The new media have invaded everyday life and are now a fundamental part of business activities. Our business UNIT MEDIA design deals with visual design activities combining technical and creative professionalism in the production of high-impact graphic products. Recognizing the inevitability of the convergence of media and the growing preeminence of interactive digital technologies, this division offers services with a multitude of production techniques and skills for the latest generation media (paper, Smartphones, tablets, etc.).


The innovative approach of Media Design synthesizes theoretical research, creative experimentation and great technical skill, all contained in a balance between practice and research. The media Design division of Parabolika Consulting allows you to direct and manage all phases of the production process for all forms of classical and non-media. Besides being a programming expert, our technicians know the other media and as a result they are a perfect bridge between the illustrator and the finished work, between the graphic and the finished work, between the sound designer and the finished work and many other Situations.


Software skills.

We use latest-generation software for optimum graphics performance and optimization of production times.

Others (Office, Project, Primus, etc.)
Web Design Applications (Wordpress, Dreamweaver, etc.)
Cinema 4d
After effects
Unity3D, Lumion, Unreal Engine
Others (way, Maya, Zbrush, etc.).