Our BUSINESS UNIT procurement deals with consultancy, technical design and project management for participation in public and private contracts with economically most advantageous offer, for companies operating in services to public administrations and In public works. Over the years Parabolika Consulting, thanks to the know-how acquired, has specialized in the study of technical solutions for the drafting of technical offers improving in the field of tenders with the most economically advantageous offer method. Thanks also to the different skills present in the structure, Parabolika Consulting has also specialized in the preparation of financial plans and projects for project Financing in various areas.

With a team now tested and able to satisfy the many aspects that can be requested in the context of the drafting of the offers, Parabolika Consulting is able to offer to the companies the support necessary for the award of the Races, Always proposing innovative and economically advantageous solutions for the contracting administrations.

  • Processing offers technical tenders for cleaning services (healthcare, civil, etc.).
  • Processing offers technical tenders for public works for various SOA classifications.
  • Processing offers technical tenders for catering services.
  • Processing offers technical tenders for concierge and supervisory services.
  • Processing offers technical tenders for gardening services and green maintenance.
  • Processing offers technical tenders for social and health services.
  • Processing offers technical tenders for facility management services.
  • Processing offers technical tenders for global service services.
  • Analysis of the tender documentation and feasibility studies.
  • Economic analysis of technical offers.
  • Editing schedules and metric calculations.
  • Elaboration of technical offers for contests of commissions (Consip Spa, etc.).

Preliminary analysis

Complete analysis of the tender Notice and specification, technical and administrative attachments to calibrate the content of the offer according to the scores that will be awarded.

In-depth inspections

Survey activities on the area subject to tender and the necessary talks with the Ors to ensure the right focus of the offer.

Technical offer processing

Editorial offer economically more advantageous guaranteeing the highest quality in terms of content and graphic output.

Strategic choices

Technical Know-How to study innovative and concrete solutions able to maximize the possibilities of award.

Processing improvements and proposals

Analyses, evaluations and proposals for the right balance between costs and benefits, making the projects unique and winning.


Absolute respect for the timing, thanks to a working methodology consolidated over the years.